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Millions of users have entrusted their data to MediaFire, for their own accessability, to backup, to share with friends and family and collaborate with colleagues. And, millions of those users respectfully observe MediaFire’s Terms of Service.

However, in those instances when MediaFire is notified of Terms of Service violations, MediaFire's team upholds and enforces policy and responds to notifications.

MediaFire additionally employs a variety of processes and automatic mechanisms to avert violations of our Terms of Services, which include:

  • File suspension
  • Account suspension
  • Account termination
  • Alerting users of files claimed under the DMCA
  • Blocking files previously claimed under the DMCA
  • Media Fingerprinting
  • Archive Scanning
  • Monitoring websites
  • Realtime Filters
  • Blocking websites
  • Prevent Search Engine Indexing
  • Report of activities to proper authorities

MediaFire employs Audible Magic Content and Media Recognition technology.
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